Hemp Im reports that Alberto Fernandez chose the opening of the 2021 ordinary sessions in Congress to announce the project that provides for the cultivation of cannabis for industrialization for medicinal and industrial use. Not recreational. However, “adult” use, as it is called in the jargon of these “green” laws, would not be far away. Everything indicates that Argentina is following in Uruguay’s footsteps in the management of these plants. Now, industrially. The “cannabis plan” announced by the president is framed in that the medical cannabis industry in the world will triple the volume of business in the next five years. Broadly speaking, the announcement implies that–always with the State as a partner–laboratories, cosmetics companies, or small producers could now enter this world. It also aims to make this new national industry a new way of bringing dollars into the country.

Cannabis Law Report, 03/12/2021 20:39:00

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