Washington State’s experience with marijuana legalization has been “uniformly positive,” the governor said in a new interview, adding that one of the only things he would’ve done differently is embracing the reform sooner.Gov. Jay Inslee (D) was asked by a Politico reporter last week about whether Mexico’s recent push to legalize cannabis nationwide could create competition with Washington’s market and if looking back, he’d have changed anything with his own state’s roll-out of the policy. “What I would say is that our experience in Washington has been uniformly positive on any way you score this—from a reduction of unnecessary law enforcement and criminal activity that really wasn’t benefiting our community, on creating jobs in a new industry, on giving people more freedom in their personal decision making with no demonstrable, horrendous health impacts,” he said. “By any measure, it’s been a very successful enterprise.”

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 03/16/2021 08:56:00

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