Medicinal cannabis patients from across the country would be permitted to participate in Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program under a bill working its way through the state legislature. The measure, House Bill 2022, has been referred to the Oklahoma Senate’s Business, Commerce and Tourism Committee after being approved by the House of Representatives last month. The bill would open eligibility for a medical marijuana license to use and buy medicinal cannabis to all non-residents. Republican Rep. Scott Fetgatter, the sponsor of the bill, confirmed that the measure applies to patients from across the country. Under current regulations, only patients from states with their own medical marijuana programs are eligible for a non-resident license. “It does allow people in all 50 states to come to the state of Oklahoma for their medical needs,” said Fetgatter. To receive a nonresident medical marijuana license, patients would be required to get a recommendation from an Oklahoma physician and pay a fee of $200.

SpeedWeed, 03/21/2021 18:30:00

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