A popular cannabis stock analyst, Robert Lee Doxtator, is accused of being involved in what looks like an extortion scheme that targeted a billion-dollar Canadian investment fund and its co-founder Moez Kassam of Toronto-based Anson Funds. Robert Doxtator, always fishing. The allegations are part of a lawsuit filed against Robert Doxtator, his cousin Jacob Doxtator and individuals so far unknown to Anson Funds who allegedly paid to promote and write a defamatory manifesto accusing Kassam and the hedge fund he runs of illegal actions pertaining to investing in public companies. Moez Kassam of Toronto-based Anson Funds Robert Doxtator runs a popular Twitter finance account that covers pot stocks called @BettingBruiser. The lawsuit alleges a defamation conspiracy campaign against Anson Funds and Kassam is in retaliation to the hedge fund’s investment strategy that includes shorting the stock of publicly-traded cannabis companies believed to be overvalued. The defendants in the case are believed to have stock ownership in the companies Anson Funds have bet against. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Doxtator had tried to sell due diligence research to Anson funds in 2018 but was unable to negotiate a price for the “service.”

Teri Buhl, Cannabis Law Report, 03/21/2021 20:12:00

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