Lawmakers in states across the country are taking up marijuana reform measures this year after a November election in which voters passed every state-level drug reform initiative put before them. But in three states—Maryland, Hawaii, and Wyoming, bills to end cannabis prohibition this year have died in recent days as key legislative deadlines passed. Advocates said the failure of lawmakers in Hawaii, Maryland, and Wyoming to move forward on the proposals means the harms of criminalization will continue to fall disproportionately on Black and brown communities in those states for at least another year, even as a majority of voters support legalization. Lawmakers in other states, meanwhile, including New York, Kansas, North Dakota, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Delaware, and others, are still pursuing some form of cannabis reform this year. However, legislation has failed in several states as well.

Ben Adlin, Marijuana Moment, 03/24/2021 08:46:00

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