In a budding industry, every year seems to possess a distinct significance. As someone who has traversed the globe advising on all things cannabis for more than a decade, I can confidently say that no two years have been the same. New patterns and market fluctuations come and go rapidly – a fairly common occurrence as a nascent industry builds its foundation. Cannabis leaf on the Dollar bill, green leaf of marijuana. In the beginning, fledgling operations run by under-qualified individuals and marijuana dispensaries and CBD stores trying to run operations on a shoestring budget were commonplace. Yet, there were rich lessons learned in those early years, and the folks that survived did so with a Thomas Edison-like persistence. They learned a million ways not to run a canna-business. Over time, those lessons have proved to be invaluable. As have the keys to running a successful canna-business – nevertheless, these took time to distill. While the vast majority of cannabis start-ups have failed to launch, some have risen and gained the recognition of institutional businesses.

420 Intel – Marijuana Industry News, 03/23/2021 20:00:00

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