Legislation whose objective is to limit the amount of THC found in medical marijuana may soon advance to the house floor, despite opposition from medical professionals. Republican Rep. Spencer Roach, who sponsored the legislation, stated that the goal of House Bill 1455 was to regulate the medical marijuana industry in the state of Florida. The bill would not only impose advertising restrictions on physicians who administer medical marijuana but also limit the amount of marijuana a treatment center could dispense over a particular period of time. One provision in the measure that seems to be drawing the most resistance is a 10% potency limit that will be imposed on the smokeable flower. Typically, the THC level in a medical marijuana plant ranges between 25%–30%. During a House Healthcare Appropriations Subcommittee meeting, Roach stated that there wasn’t a credible scientific study that demonstrated THC’s medicinal value in concentrations above 10%. This, he said, was the basis for the 10% limit on the smokable flower. Generally speaking, the bans imposed on research on medical cannabis, both at the federal and state level, have led to an overall lack of medical cannabis research.

CannabisNewsWire, 03/25/2021 04:20:00

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