According to the recently published results of a poll, at least two-thirds of voters in Louisiana support the full legalization of cannabis, both for recreational and medical use. These voters include the majority of the Republicans in the state, according to the poll. This recent survey, conducted by JMC Enterprises, indicates that support for marijuana legalization in the state has risen significantly from the time a similar poll was done. For example, only 54% of the voters expressed support for legalization last year compared to the 67% who now say they would prefer to see cannabis legalized. In this recent poll, only 16% of the people sampled admitted that they wouldn’t want to see marijuana legalized in Louisiana for recreational use, but they would support legalization for medicinal use. Just 8% expressed opposition to both medical and recreational use legalization. As has been the case previously, Democrats lead the surge of supporters of cannabis legalization.

CannabisNewsWire, 04/01/2021 04:20:00

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