As soon as they are marketed in drugstores in the country, the new products now authorized by Anvisa will be the first to compete in retail windows with the Paraná company Prati-Donaduzzi, which since April last year has a health authorization to produce and sell Cannabidiol 200 mg/ml The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) authorized the production and commercialization in Brazil of two new products made from Cannabidiol (CBD), which is a cannabinoid derived from marijuana. The health authorization, published today (15) in the Federal Official Gazette, is valid for five years. The new authorizations were granted from RDC 327 from Anvisa, which was approved in December 2019 and came into force in March 2020, regulating the manufacture, marketing, and import of products derived from cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Sean Hocking, Cannabis Law Report, 04/17/2021 21:06:00

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