The New Jersey Supreme Court just ruled that a construction company must cover all monthly medical cannabis costs for a former employee, setting a precedent that will protect employees’ access to medical pot. This ruling serves as the final word in a lengthy legal battle between M&K Construction and one of its former employees, Vincent Hager. In 2001, Hager was injured during a regular work shift when a cement truck poured wet concrete on him. This accident left Hager with a herniated disc, spinal nerve damage, and chronic back and leg pain. Hager had to undergo several surgeries for his injury and ended up becoming dependent on opioid medications that were prescribed to him for the pain. But when New Jersey expanded its medical cannabis program in 2017, Hager was able to replace these addictive drugs with medical pot. Unfortunately, the Garden State has some of the highest medical marijuana prices in the nation, and Hager was stuck paying over $600 a month for his new medicine. Since federal law continues to prohibit cannabis, neither private health insurers nor government health aid programs will cover the cost of medical pot. So, Hager filed a claim with the state demanding.

SpeedWeed, 04/17/2021 19:30:00

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