Ohio plans to grow the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the state by more than twofold in the next year. Businesses can apply for 73 new dispensary licenses this summer, bringing the total allowed to 130 statewide. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy approved the expansion Monday afternoon. Under the plan, applicants would have to apply by the same rules as the initial 2017 application process, including security and business plan requirements. Applicants that meet the qualifications would be entered into a lottery to allocate licenses by dispensary district, which is typically one county or a group of two or three smaller counties. Licensees would be limited to five dispensary licenses total statewide, including licenses they have now. The pharmacy board in 2017 set an initial limit of 60 dispensaries, spread amongst the state by single or multi-county districts.

Cannabis Business Executive – Cannabis and Marijuana industry news, 04/20/2021 08:51:00

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