Marijuana Stock Watchlist For 2021 Is it time to start putting top marijuana stocks on the watchlist in April? So far this month the best cannabis stocks to invest in have continued to shed market value. Even on 4/20 most leading marijuana stocks saw downward momentum as the day progressed. But yesterday also marked the day the cannabis industry was given a small victory from the federal government. To elaborate the House passed the SAFE Banking Act which will allow cannabis companies to do business with financial institutions in the U.S. Now with the bill heading toward the Senate, it’s possible a democratic lead floor may pass the bill on the 4th attempt. One of the fastest-growing cannabis companies currently using these methods is Ayr Wellness Inc. As a newcomer by way of a SPAC deal, Ayr has quickly opened 49 retail stores in seven key markets across the U.S. And this is just one instance of this trend in the industry.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 04/21/2021 12:10:00

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