The mayor of London plans to launch a review looking at decriminalizing cannabis amid a shift in public attitude. This could spell good times ahead for global cannabis stocks, as many weigh up their opportunities for future expansion. In his manifesto, published ahead of the city’s upcoming mayoral election, Sadiq Khan – who is well ahead in the race according to a YouGov poll – said he will establish a London Drugs Commission if elected. The commission would consider the effectiveness of UK drug laws, focusing especially on cannabis. Specifically, Khan’s manifesto noted the “demand for a debate” on UK drug laws, adding that police resources “might be better focused on the drugs causing the most harm.” A considerable majority – 63% – of Londoners are in favor of legalizing and regulating cannabis. Only 19% are opposed to relaxing the rules. Zooming out, 47% of Brits in total favor legalization and only 30% are against it.

Author, Weed World Magazine, 04/25/2021 20:00:00

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