Minnesota, home to one of the strictest medical cannabis programs in the country, is one step closer to an adult-use market. For the first time ever, a bill that would legalize recreational cannabis and expunge minor cannabis convictions has advanced far into the legislature and is expected to receive a full floor vote in the Minnesota House during its final hearing this week. The bill, which was authored by Democratic House Leader Ryan Winkler of Golden Valley, has been through a dozen hearings so far and is especially focused on criminal justice. To help develop the landmark legislation and drum up support, Winkler held forums in at least a dozen cities. By involving tons of people in the process, listening to their issues, and addressing those issues, the campaign built up a lot of support, Winkler says. As expected, the bill received plenty of support from Democrats in the House while four Republicans voted in its favor in committee. As the legislation moves to final passage in the Minnesota House, Winkler expects to garner more supporters.

CannabisNewsWire, 05/13/2021 04:20:00

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