Nowadays, it seems like almost every appointment and meeting is virtual. While the ease and convenience of platforms like Zoom have transformed everything from education to healthcare since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. For Rob Tankson, a former Wall Street analyst who transitioned to tech, safe access has always been an important issue. The serial entrepreneur and angel investor recognized in 2015 there was a real need for reliable ways for potential medical marijuana patients to be evaluated by physicians and approved for their state-issued program cards. Tankson went to his colleague Kyle Powers at ClearSlide, a booming tech firm, and discussed the need for a solution in the emerging medical cannabis industry. The two decided to start a new company solely focused on providing the tools patients needed to start their plant medicine journeys. PrestoDoctor, one of the first full-service telemedicine services designed for medical marijuana patients was the result.

Rachelle Gordon, Cannabis & Tech Today, 05/24/2021 07:01:00

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