Medical marijuana license applicants in Missouri were offered a much-needed reprieve after an appeals court ruled that state regulators cannot keep information from medical cannabis applications secret. In 2018, voters approved a constitutional amendment that legalized medical marijuana, making Missouri the 33rd state to legalize medical cannabis. Soon after, hundreds of business owners who saw a solid business opportunity applied for business licenses for everything from growing and distributing to selling cannabis, and chaos soon ensued. More than 820 companies were denied licenses. Those companies asked an administrative hearing commission to look into the scoring system used to score candidates, claiming that it was flawed and unfair. Health and Senior Services (“DHSS”), which was tasked with overseeing the license application process, scored more than 1,700 candidates, ultimately awarding state licenses to 60 cultivators, 86 infused manufacturers, 11 testing facilities, 192 dispensaries, and 22 transporters.

CannabisNewsWire, 05/26/2021 04:20:00

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