The Bangkok Post reports Covid-19 has devastated Thailand’s vital tourism industry, with foreign arrivals this year predicted to be just over 1% of the pre-pandemic figures, and cannabis tourism may lure luxury and upper-middle-class travelers, as well as elderly travelers and those suffering from cannabis-treatable afflictions such as cancer or epilepsy. The cannabis industry may draw nearby tourists from other Asian countries as well, being the first country in the region to legalize it, though it may not offer as much of a draw from Americans where legalization is much more widespread. But if Thailand promotes cannabis tourism with certified doctors and clinics as well as cannabis wellness resorts and medical tour packages, the industry could be a huge boon for the country. Then, Global Travel says a pilot program a few years ago attracted older travelers with medical issues, but also business owners looking to get into the cannabis market and millennials excited for the new experience.

Sean Hocking, Cannabis Law Report, 05/28/2021 01:28:00

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