On the regulatory front, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has implemented new testing, labeling, and seed-to-sale tracking requirements, as well as detailed waste management procedures. These regulations were necessary to protect patients and business owners alike and were met with little opposition. On the other side of the industry, law enforcement officials are investigating numerous licensees’ suspected involvement in black market sales — not an unexpected development, given the ease with which one can enter Oklahoma’s industry and the absence of any cap on plant numbers. At the state capitol, a plethora of bills regulating Oklahoma’s medical system was introduced in the Legislature this 2021 session, but few survived. Of those still alive, none of the regulatory substance has cleared both legislative bodies to land on the governor’s desk for consideration. Additionally, while the OMMA announced months ago that it had awarded Metrc its seed-to-sale contract and rollout would commence by April 30, 2021,

Marijuana Venture, 06/08/2021 15:00:00

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