A report released by Headset in March stated that advancements in marijuana infusion technology and the introduction of new brands into the market would boost cannabis beverage sales. The marijuana analytics firm noted that since the start of last year, cannabis beverage purchases had grown rapidly in Canada, making up roughly 4% of overall purchases. At the moment, the cannabis beverage market is filled with numerous SME craft companies. Many large-scale manufacturers of alcoholic manufacturers are keen to enter the market, with most of them working to develop new products. For instance, Heineken recently introduced to the market Hi-Fi Hops in its beer category, which provides zero-calorie, zero-carb, and cannabis-infused drinks. HEXO also entered into a partnership with Molson-Coors to develop Truss while Canopy Growth, which is the biggest producer of cannabis in Canada, partnered with Constellation Brands. Companies such as Truss Beverage have plans to launch new cannabis-infused beverages in the coming months.

CannabisNewsWire, 06/09/2021 16:20:00

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