In good news on the European front, Luxembourg and Switzerland plan to legalize cannabis sooner rather than later. Luxembourg plans to develop regulations for its proposed recreational cannabis market. Switzerland is launching a cannabis pilot program to test cannabis effects on its residents over the next five years. Luxembourg May Be First European Country to Legalize Cannabis Luxembourg lawmakers recently announced that they are still considering a plan to legalize recreational cannabis. In 2018, the government announced plans to move forward with cannabis reform, but its plans were stalled a year later due to the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, the government was expected to launch the legal cannabis market by the end of 2021. Due to the pandemic, the efforts were sidelined for over a year. Recently, however, the country’s Health Minister announced that the “file is continuing its course.” In late May of this year, the chamber of deputies debated the legalization of recreational marijuana. Delano reports that work has already been done on the proposal since 2019. Currently, six working groups are preparing an interim report that will be presented in the coming months.

Fred Hernandez, Cannabis Training University, 06/14/2021 16:10:00

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