The regulatory body currently overseeing Ohio’s medical marijuana program has now instituted new rules governing the use of Delta-8 THC, the popular, yet controversial, compound that has been known to yield similar effects to regular weed. The rules, via the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, are intended to provide “guidance to licensees regarding the production, distribution, and sale of medical marijuana products containing Delta-8 THC,” the agency said. The new rules, which take effect immediately, include a requirement licensee notification of “the use of Delta-8 THC must include a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that describes the process and methods with which Delta-8 THC will be used in compliance” with the state law. The rules also address THC dosage, saying that “total THC content—the combination of Delta-9 THC and any other THC isomer or analog—of the manufactured product shall not exceed 70 percent.” In addition, “Delta-8 THC’ must be fully incorporated on the package and label for patient awareness,” the agency said, and abbreviations “such as ‘Delta-8’ or ‘D8,’” are not permitted.

420 Intel – Marijuana Industry News, 06/22/2021 20:00:00

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