Delano reports Luxembourg is scrambling to secure a new medical cannabis supplier after encountering delays of up to 60 days, leaving new patients empty-handed. Health minister Paulette Lenert (LSAP) responded to a parliamentary question that the country was facing three types of medicinal cannabis bottlenecks. Firstly, there was a peak in consumption up to April 2021. Secondly, a tender to find a new supplier at the end of 2020 resulted in none of the bids being accepted. One supplier announced a new offer, which “is currently being evaluated.” What is more, she wrote: “The possibility to order products outside of the tenders is limited in terms of budget and availability.” The surge in demand Luxembourg decriminalized the sale and prescription of medicinal cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain, cancer, neurodegenerative, and other chronic diseases starting August 2018, with approved products sold out of the country’s hospital pharmacies. Initially, Aurora supplied the medicines, a Canadian firm that was replaced in 2019 by Canopy Growth-Spectrum Pharmaceutics.

Sean Hocking, Cannabis Law Report, 06/23/2021 22:43:00

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