Lowell Farms Inc. announced that it has acquired real property and related assets and is commissioning a first-of-its-kind cannabis drying and midstream processing facility located in Monterey County, nearby Lowell’s flagship cultivation operation. The 10-acre, 40,000 sq ft processing facility will provide drying, bucking, trimming, sorting, grading, and packaging operations for up to 250,000 lbs. of wholesale cannabis flower annually. The facility is centrally located in the Salinas Valley with several million square feet of cultivation canopy within a few miles. The new facility will process nearly all the cannabis grown locally by Lowell at our existing cultivation operations. Additionally, Lowell is commissioning a new business unit called Lowell Farms Services (“LFS”), which will engage in fee-based processing services for regional growers from the Salinas Valley area, one of the largest and fastest-growing cannabis cultivation regions in the country.

Published Ncv Newswire, New Cannabis Ventures, 06/29/2021 14:19:00

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