After three years of waiting on the Mexican legislature to regulate adult-use cannabis, the country’s Supreme Court voted to declare prohibition against the drug unconstitutional on Monday. Justices opted 8-3 to nullify five sections from the country’s health laws that pertain to personal consumption and cultivation of the drug. The decision does not establish a commercial market and will require a federal health agency to fill in the logistical blanks, such as where one will be able to purchase licensed cannabis seeds. Previously, Majority Morena Party Senate leader Ricardo Monreal said such a declaration by the high court “could create chaos.” Many details have yet to be clarified about how the seldom-seen judicial process will pan out, but a free-for-all of cannabis consumption is not likely to occur. Experts warned consumers that they will need to take certain steps before it is prudent to smoke in public. Activist celebrates Monday’s decision in front of the Supreme Court. In a statement, the Supreme Court specified that the lift on cannabis prohibition applies only to adults and does not include noncommercial activity or consumption in places where others who haven’t consented can be impacted. The justices also made clear that operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery after consumption will not be permitted.

SpeedWeed, 07/07/2021 20:55:00

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