The senior senator from Oklahoma is seeking millions of dollars in federal funds to thwart illicit marijuana growing operations in the state. Sen. James Inhofe, a Republican, is reportedly “asking for $4 million in federal funds to help [Oklahoma] drug agents fight these operations, operations sometimes bringing more with them than just black-market activity,” according to local television station KFOR. Inhofe’s intention was announced by his chief of staff, Luke Holland, at an Oklahoma Sheriffs Association meeting on Wednesday. The illicit operations have frustrated the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. According to KFOR, the bureau’s director, Donnie Anderson, has raised concerns about “international drug organizations and cartels moving into Oklahoma to take advantage of medical marijuana laws.” As Anderson and other state officials see it, those organizations and cartels are procuring a legitimate medical cannabis license that they use to cultivate, and they are selling the product to surrounding states where pot prohibition is still in place.

SpeedWeed, 07/08/2021 12:40:00

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