A few years down the road, in 2024, marijuana sales will be allowed in Virginia. But there’s a major political battle brewing over how dispensary licenses will be doled out. So, why those licenses are causing so much controversy? Part of the new marijuana law that legalizes small amounts of marijuana includes Social Equity Licenses. Those licenses are set aside primarily for Black Americans who have been disproportionately targeted in marijuana arrests over the course of decades. As of right now, the number that will be set aside is undetermined. The criteria to get one includes that a person: Graduated from a historically black college or university Resides in a jurisdiction disproportionately targeted by police for marijuana arrests, Or that is economically distressed Was convicted of misdemeanor violations relating to marijuana, or are a relative of someone who has been convicted, Those set-aside licenses created issues with Republican state leaders, but the bill became law anyway because democrats control the General Assembly.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 07/09/2021 21:00:00

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