Canadian cannabis producer Aurora Cannabis Inc. announced on July 15 that it officially delivered one of the largest shipments of cannabis to Israel to date. The company completed a record-breaking delivery defined as “nearly C$8 million”—one of the company’s largest shipments. “We are excited about the evolution of the cannabis industry in Israel and commend the Ministry of Health and the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency for ensuring thoughtful regulation of cannabis, in the best interest of Israeli cannabis patients,” said Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Cannabis Inc. Miguel Martin. He continued, “We look forward to continuing to provide high-quality cannabis to Israel, as part of our strategy to expand our medical cannabis portfolio in key international markets.” Aurora Cannabis Inc. has been supplying Israel-based Cantek Global Ltd., a leading medical cannabis enterprise, with dried cannabis flower for a few months now, through a strategic supply agreement that the two company’s established with one another. The agreement, which was officially announced in November 2020, requires a minimum of 4,000kg of bulk dried flower to be shipped annually to Israel for a total of two years with the option to extend later. In a press statement, Martin praised the two companies’ opportunity to expand their international cannabis brands and make history. “It’s about the strength and quality of the Aurora medical brand being validated once again by the world’s medical cannabis markets, including countries like Israel in which we had no distribution prior to today. We consider this Agreement to be a significant step for Aurora, and we look forward to bringing our high-quality medical cannabis products to patients in Israel.” Cantek Global Ltd. has partnerships with “local drugstores chains, distribution companies, clinics.”

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