As more states legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana and legislators eye legalization on a federal level, cannabis entrepreneurs are poised to see a sharp increase in opportunities to grow their businesses. As it stands, legal cannabis sales grew 46 percent in the United States last year with sales surpassing $17.5 billion, according to the Colorado-based cannabis research firm BSDA. That’s up from $12.1 billion in 2019. And by 2026, BSDA forecasts U.S. sales to reach up to $41.3 billion. So, with the cannabis space opening up around the country, what’s one of the best ways for businesses to reach new customers? Out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Out-of-home advertising is simply advertising viewed outside the home. Here’s what cannabis advertisers need to know about leveraging the method. Advertisement OOH reaches people, where they are Billboards likely, are the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions OOH. While they are among the most common formats, the medium goes far beyond traditional roadside billboards and gives advertisers the ability to surround and immerse consumers.

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