Tennessee is one of the last states in the U.S. still holding on to outdated prohibition laws. Many politicians in neighboring states are finally realizing what the public has known for years: legalizing cannabis can positively support economies, communities, and people. Tennesseans are ready to free the plant. Just ask them. For the last five years, cannabis-friendly states have proven a solid track record for creating jobs, increasing substantial tax revenue, providing relief for those with serious health issues, and even reworking old, outdated laws. Why does every bill that serves all Tennesseans get defeated? Recent polling shows the majority of the state supports some sort of legalization or decriminalization. Most Tennesseans have had their own interaction with the plant due to the legal hemp program in the state. CBD products are now common in many homes.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 08/03/2021 17:36:00

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