The New Orleans City Council on Thursday pardoned thousands of people who have been summoned to court for marijuana possession and plans automatic pardons for future recipients of the citations – historic steps aimed at bringing New Orleans as close to legalizing the drug as is possible. The unanimous vote represents an unprecedented blanket use of the council’s little-known pardon authority, an exercise that members said will help thousands of people who have been penalized for small amounts of the illegal drug. +2 Smoke weed? No big deal, under ordinance New Orleans City Council is considering New Orleans City Council President Helena Moreno has proposed an ordinance that would automatically pardon people in New Orleans found in poss… They also said the move will give police more time to solve violent crimes. Officers have long been expected to issue municipal summonses for small-time pot use, which critics call busy work that keeps police away from more important duties. Though cannabis users will avoid fines under the automatic pardons, the rules that the council approved Thursday will still ban weed smoking outside of private homes.

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