Alliance Growers Corp reported vertically integrated additions to its revenue model and profit potential through the expansion of its business partnership with Pharmagreen. The two companies have agreed to the joint development of the proprietary high yield CBD DANA strain in a profitable industrial hemp operation that begins with tissue culture plantlets produced and grown on what is now referred to as the Cannabis Biotech Complex on the property in Mission BC. Alliance and Pharmagreen will jointly execute on a two-stage commercial hemp operation to generate $60M in revenue on an annual basis in addition to the revenue generated from tissue culture sales. The advantage Alliance has is two-fold. First, the Company has the advantage of starting off with genetically perfect and disease and bug-free “female only” plantlets generated from the Botany Centre, the basis of the Cannabis Biotech Complex. Second, the proprietary CBD DANA strain will provide a significant yield in CBD production from hemp. According to Pharmagreen, the content of the CBD DANA strain is significantly higher than traditional hemp strains which typically have 1% CBD content.

Hemp Land, Cannabis Hemp Blog, 08/11/2021 04:06:00

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