It is a sad day in America when private corporations like Amazon and the NFL are making bigger moves to support the public opinion of cannabis than the elected representatives in the US government. The National Football League has taken proactive steps moving forward into the future with a research grant to explore potential therapeutic attributes of CBD, cannabis, and other options to treat pain other than opioids. Currently, the NFL doesn’t have a problem generating money if you go by most people’s income. The NFL averages around $15 billion annually. To put that in perspective financially, the cannabis industry is predicted to produce $24 billion in sales this year. Not bad for an industry that hasn’t been in legal business since the 1940s.The NFL has recognized this and decided to award up to $1 million in research grants toward investigating the therapeutic potentials of cannabis and other alternatives for treating pain. The government is doing what they do best when it comes to cannabis legalization, and that is beating around the bush. They pretend like it doesn’t really matter. When people try to stand up to these bullies, they just prolong things hoping people will either go away, forget about it, or possibly just perish.

Posted By, Cannabis Central, 08/16/2021 08:00:00

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