MMJ Group Holdings Ltd is a global cannabis investment company with a focus on adding to its portfolio of investments across Australia, Canada, and Europe. The company’s core business is holding investments across the full range of emerging cannabis-related sectors including healthcare, technology, infrastructure, processing, cultivation, and retail. MMJ has also made investments in sectors outside of cannabis, such as but not limited to, natural resources, pharmaceuticals, and software services technology.MMJ Group Holdings Ltd expects physical retail sales of cannabis to tick higher along with continued robust online sales, as economies move out of lockdowns. Lockdowns were a boon for cannabis sales as people stuck at home were seeking entertainment options, but the lockdown orders meant bricks-and-mortar retail outlets could not service their maximum number of customers. The annual cannabis retail market in Canada is now C$3.5 billion annually.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 08/20/2021 03:32:00

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