The Office of Marijuana Policy announced it is seeking qualified applicants to fill seats on its newly-created workgroup meant to advise on regulatory issues, best practices in patient access and education, contribute to ongoing improvements in Maine’s medical cannabis program, and fulfill the stakeholder engagement charges in Public Laws 2021, ch. 387 and Resolves 2021, ch. 95.  The new Medical Marijuana Workgroup is to be composed of at least 16 external members who represent Maine’s medical marijuana industry, cannabis patients, the public health system, and towns and cities. Representatives from OMP will chair the workgroup and join members in discussions that will focus on changes or updates which may be necessary to the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program. The workgroup will be convened virtually at least four times over the coming months. Outcomes resulting from the meetings are expected to include steps that may be taken through legislation and rule-making or developing recommendations for streamlining the office’s licensing and compliance processes to ensure the medical-use program is fulfilling the hallmarks of a regulated industry.

Mj News Network, MJNews Network, 08/23/2021 09:47:00

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