Native American Cannabis Alliance (“NACA”), a joint venture of Tim Houseberg, the executive director of Cherokee Nation-based Native Health Matters Foundation, and Everscore, the first direct-to-consumer marketplace for THC and CBD products, is pleased to announce it has signed three memorandums of understanding with indigenous farmers from tribes including Mohawk Nation, and Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal Nations. This series of ground-breaking agreements will support the activation of over 500,000 acres of tribal farmland to cannabis farming with agricultural services, the development of manufacturing campuses to process cannabis grown on tribal farmland, workforce development, and access to offtake agreements by brands selling on the Everscore online marketplace. “Our people come from a rich heritage of cultivation and the cannabis industry provides a historical opportunity for First Nations to work together to shape the future of the industry and provide sovereignty to our communities,” said Tim Houseberg, executive director, Native American Cannabis Alliance. “Through NACA, indigenous farmers will be known worldwide for their quality products by brands and consumers alike.”

Sean Hocking, Cannabis Law Report, 09/16/2021 07:26:00

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