The Nebraska Cannabis Association announced itself last week as the state’s first organization dedicated to lobbying for cannabis policies, advising on regulatory matters, and supporting entrepreneurs. John Cartier, president of the Nebraska Cannabis Association’s board of directors, which organized last week, said Nebraska is one of two states that has not legalized the use of cannabis in some form. But that may soon change, Cartier added. “It is not unreasonable to predict that some form of legalization will happen before this decade is done, and with several ballot initiatives planned for 2022, it could come as early as January 2023,” he said. Two ballot initiatives working in tandem to legalize medical marijuana were filed with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Office, and a petition to legalize all uses of marijuana remains on file. Both are seeking to put the question of legalization before voters next year.

Cannabis Business Executive – Cannabis and Marijuana industry news, 09/21/2021 08:42:00

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