A few weeks ago, we discussed the likely implications for cannabis if the pro-legalization Greens joined the new German government. At the time, a coalition between the Greens and the then-ruling Christian Democrats appeared to be a likely outcome. Given that the Christian Democrats were “the last of the major political parties in Germany to maintain a strictly prohibitive stance on drug policy,” we wondered if they could compromise with the Greens on cannabis. The prospects for cannabis legalization under an Ampelkoalition are completely different. In addition to the Greens, the government would feature a second pro-legalization party, the Free Democratic Party (FDP). According to the FDP’s leader, Christian Lindner, legalizing cannabis “is about the only thing [the FDP] could easily agree with” the Social Democrats and Greens. As for the Social Democrats, who won the most seats in the election, they are described as being “mildly” for cannabis.

Canna Law Blog – Harris Bricken, 10/03/2021 10:18:00

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