La Marihuana reports Wednesday, the Spanish Senate voted against the passing of a law proposed by the Confederal Left to regulate cannabis clubs throughout the country. At the proposal of the Confederal Left, yesterday, Wednesday, the Spanish Senate voted on whether to process the rules to regulate cannabis clubs. The vote was against the measure. The conservative party of the PP, the socialist party PSOE and the ultra-conservative party of the VOX, which are a large majority, voted against the regulatory measure. In contrast, the left-wing parties Geroa Bai, ERC, EH Bildu, together with the Catalan party JxCAT and the Liberal Citizens, voted in favor. The abstention from voting came from the Basque PNV and Aragonese from the PAR. The total sum was insufficient, therefore and the path of these consumer associations has a complicated future. The Navarrese senator from Geroa Bai Koldo Martínez, who was a speaker and defender of the initiative, assured that the objective was not to “simply legalize”  the consumption of cannabis or its self-cultivation “as if it were an open bar”, it was about set limits by legislating strictly and consistently, and thus be able to differentiate it from the illegal market. The senator for Navarra, in turn, said that there is a worldwide trend in the legalizing direction and more and more countries choose to legislate everything related to the plant.

Sean Hocking, Cannabis Law Report, 10/01/2021 23:52:00

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