One intriguing aspect of Massachusetts’ adult-use marketplace has been the evolving provisions governing home delivery. The Cannabis Control Commission declined to utilize its authority to regulate adult-use cannabis delivery in the March 2018 initial regulations but, since then, has taken a steady, incremental approach by introducing two different license types in subsequent regulatory amendments. After some fits and starts, delivery looks poised to offer a new sales mechanism for Massachusetts consumers and an exciting new revenue stream for local cannabis businesses. Evolution of Delivery License Provisions Despite possessing the express statutory authority to implement delivery, the CCC omitted delivery licenses from the initial adult-use rules in March 2018, stating it needed more time to study the implications of home delivery on public health and safety, as well as to ensure inclusion and equity. Following a detailed review process, including a public notice and comment period and analysis from a state Cannabis Advisory Board report to the CCC, the regulatory agency promulgated amended regulations, effective in November 2019, that included a new delivery-only license category. This enabled a licensee to obtain cannabis products from licensed retail stores and deliver within municipalities permitting retail sales.

Marijuana Venture, 10/12/2021 15:00:00

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