While much of the discussion over the next government’s agenda in Germany has focused on climate change and state finances, one important change that could come into force in the next four years is the decriminalization of cannabis. All three of the parties currently engaged in coalition talks – the Greens, the Free Democrats (FDP), and the Social Democrats (SPD) – pledged in their election manifestos to reform the laws around cannabis use. The Green party makes clear in their manifesto that they want a whole new approach to drug control starting with the controlled legalization of marijuana. Under their plans, licensed shops would be allowed to sell psychoactive substances. The Greens state that “strict youth and user protection” would be the centre point of their legislation and hope to “pull the rug from under the black market”. The FDP also favors the creation of licensed shops. Their manifesto highlights the health benefits, tax windfalls, and reallocation of police resources that legalization would create.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 10/12/2021 21:51:00

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