Colorado voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure that would have increased the state’s tax on marijuana in order to support education programs. A separate local proposal in Denver to boost cannabis sales taxes to fund pandemic research also appeared headed toward defeat in preliminary results. The state was among the first to enact adult-use legalization. And while officials have consistently touted how cannabis tax revenue is supporting schools and other programs, some education and health advocates saw additional opportunities. Voters disagreed. The campaign behind the statewide measure conceded the defeat around 8:30 PM local time. Preliminary results on Tuesday evening showed the measure trailing by a significant margin of 54 percent against to 46 percent in favor. The separate local Denver proposal on Tuesday that would raise the local cannabis tax rate to fund research related to the coronavirus pandemic was trailing 60 percent against 40 percent in favor.

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 11/03/2021 08:24:00

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