There appears to remain a high level of dissatisfaction among Ohio medical cannabis patients with the state’s program. While Ohio’s medical marijuana program commenced in September 2016, the first legal sales of medicines within the state didn’t kick off until 2019. In its latest survey, Ohio State University Moritz College of Law’s Drug Enforcement and Policy Center reveals there are still plenty of challenges occurring in the program, although the level of dissatisfaction has improved over previous years. 55% of respondents reported some level of dissatisfaction the program, with close to 55% reporting being “extremely dissatisfied” or “somewhat dissatisfied” this year, compared to 62% in 2020 and 67% in 2019. The most common reason for dissatisfaction cited was the high price of marijuana – the Center estimates the average patient ends up paying approximately $920 more than a patient over the border in Michigan. Ohio’s licensing fees also tend to be among the highest in the USA, perhaps contributing to the high cost of medical marijuana in the state.

420 Intel – Marijuana Industry News, 11/02/2021 20:00:00

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