Agrify currently sells computer-controlled vertical farming units for cannabis. But that’s just the starting point for Agrify. The company is quickly going vertical itself, adding features and acquiring more companies as it builds out a total solution provider for the cannabis industry. Cannabis is among the most valuable crops in the United States. According to Leafy’s Cannabis Harvest Report 2021 (PDF), it’s estimated to be worth $6.2 billion — and that’s just in the eleven states where it’s legal for adult retail purchase. Cannabis farmers, just like every other commercial farmer, employ countless systems to increase yields and maximize taste, size, and durability. Often these farmers use several platforms from several vendors. As every CTO knows, that’s normal in 2021. Agrify wants to change this approach. Agrify aims to be the grower’s only system and sells a platform that offers unparalleled control over the growing process. Thanks to two recent acquisitions, the company will also provide a similar system for the extraction process, allowing its customers to grow, harvest, and process cannabis with only one system. And the company doesn’t intend to stop here.

11/07/2021 19:00:00

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