FijiKava Ltd (ASX: FIJ) expects to settle conditions by next year, concerning its efforts to branch out to the United States of America,. The Australian-Fijian medicinal kava company will make an initial investment of FJ$1.2 million to buy assets of an American company that makes cannabis-based wellness products. FijiKava made the announcement on the Australian Securities Exchange. FijiKava Inc, USA aims to acquire the assets of The Whole Plant Company, trading as Danodan Hempworks USA from real estate company WPC Inc.FijiKava Inc also plans to purchase cannabidiol extraction US Patent from WPC Inc founder, Daniel Stoops. A sum of FJ$727,000 has been set for the patent price. Danodan produces a suite of organic certified cannabidiol (CBD) tincture products, sold throughout wellness boutiques and regional natural foods grocery stores in the USA.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 11/07/2021 23:43:00

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