According to Mexico’s Senate Majority Leader, key parties are determined to finally adopt the measure that would establish a regulated marijuana market in the country. Ricardo Monreal Avila informed his Twitter subscribers on Monday that cannabis reform will be among the top priorities for lawmakers in this session. In 2018, the country’s Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny adults the right to consume and possess cannabis, as well as cultivate a small number of plants for personal needs. The court decision also obligated the legislative bodies to enact relevant laws, but all previous attempts to do so have failed due to the lack of consensus. The Supreme Court specified the deadline for the lawmakers to draft and pass a bill that would create a working regulation and taxation system for cannabis. However, it had to agree on extending the deadline on several occasions. Although the initiative to legalize the substance enjoys wide support among Mexico’s political class, they have yet to agree on a law that would satisfy everyone. There have been calls to pass a bill that would declare cannabis legal and later amend it with additional bills that would draft the outlines of the future market and taxation framework.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 11/15/2021 03:17:00

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