A New York senator has filed a bill to make it so transgender and non-binary people can qualify as social equity applicants under the state’s marijuana law. Sen. Jeremy Cooney (D) introduced the legislation in an attempt to resolve an “unintended consequence” of the adult-use law, which would currently “force certain individuals from choosing between their gender identity and receiving priority for a license,” the bill’s justification section states. That’s because, as enacted, the marijuana law gives licensing priority to women-owned businesses, as well as other marginalized groups or communities most impacted by prohibition. The language around social equity for women creates inadvertent complications for the transgender and gender-nonbinary community. For example, a person who was born biologically female and transitioned, or identifies as nonbinary, might need to decide between filling out an application based on the gender assigned at birth or missing out on equity benefits. “This bill will include transgender and gender-nonbinary individuals in the social and economic equity plan giving them priority in licensing,” the legislation says. “Every New Yorker deserves the right to express and identify their gender as they choose.”

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 11/15/2021 14:39:00

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