Washington, D.C. marijuana activists are proposing an amendment to a legalization bill that the District Council will consider on Friday that would allow small entrepreneurs to sell cannabis at farmers’ markets. District of Columbia Marijuana Justice (DCMJ) announced on Wednesday that members would be presenting the amendment at the upcoming hearing, with the goal of creating a marijuana licensing category that would support craft cultivators and cottage industry entrepreneurs. “Combining criminal justice reforms and economic innovation, the amendment would guarantee D.C. implements a profitable, equitable, affordable, and transparent system of adult-use cannabis sales, testing, and cultivation,” said Nikolas Schiller, author of the amendment and co-author of Initiative 71, a 2014 voter-approved measure that legalized marijuana possession in the District. The proposed measure would create a “Cottage Industry License” that would “authorize the licensee to grow and produce medicinal and/or recreational marijuana within their residence for sale and delivery at wholesale directly to manufacturers, testing facilities, retailers and farmers markets,” the text of the amendment states. Licensees could then apply for a “Farmers Market Endorsement” license that would enable them to “sell the cannabis at Farmers Markets in the District of Columbia.” Microbusiness licensees could also qualify for the endorsement. People who own or work for companies that have cannabis dispensary licenses would not qualify for the farmer’s market permit. The fee for an endorsement would be $250 annually.

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 11/17/2021 14:51:00

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