Marijuana Moment reports A Kentucky lawmaker announced on Monday that she is pre-filing bills to legalize possession, limited sales, and home cultivation of marijuana in the state for the 2022 session, with endorsements from several leading advocacy groups. Rep. Nima Kulkarni (D) is taking a dual-track approach to the reform, with one bill to have the legislature adopt the policy as a statutory measure and another to enact legalization through a constitutional amendment that would go before voters. Generally speaking, the measures would accomplish the same central objective of ending prohibition, but Kulkarni said they’re meant to complement each other by giving lawmakers an opportunity to pass legalization in the short term while allowing voters to constitutionally enact the reform as a “more permanent fix that gives cannabis use the constitutional protection it deserves.” “I am sponsoring these bills for several reasons, any one of which should be enough for them to become law,” the sponsor said in a press release.

Cannabis Law Report, 11/30/2021 00:13:00

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