Peggy had just left the hospital when she went to visit her cannabis dealer in Denton. A retail cashier in her mid-60s, she was struggling to pay her bills and buy the drugs prescribed to treat an inoperable brain tumor. She needed the cannabis to give her an appetite when she began chemotherapy. The neutered, expensive but legal product then allowed under Texas’ highly restricted medical marijuana program would do little to help her. Her cannabis dealer, Stanton Brasher, sold weed out of a small house in a cookie-cutter neighborhood on the north side of Denton. But he was no Felix Gallardo. He wielded a keyboard and an Xbox controller instead of guns. He was more like a character from Pineapple Express, laid back from the weed he smoked yet amped up on Adderall. He kept cannabis buds in Mason jars in a toolbox in his garage, not far from the reminders that he had a wife, a former teacher for Denton ISD, and kids. The family had once moved to California, where he says he set up a legal cannabis business, but his wife filed for divorce, and he returned to Texas and his old cannabis networks.

420 Intel – Marijuana Industry News, 11/29/2021 19:00:00

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