The South Dakota Department of Health is beginning to issue medical marijuana cards, but officials say it could be months before dispensaries will have anything to sell. Municipalities across the state are also receiving applications for permits from those who want to open a dispensary. Businesses must sell marijuana that is grown in the state. And, with no cultivation facilities licensed in South Dakota, the dispensaries, for now, will have nothing to sell. Importing cannabis products across state lines remains a federal offense. State health officials say they’ve received 11 cultivation applications. Commercial grow facilities are now going through the state and local application process. It could take months for them to begin selling cannabis. In the meantime, medical marijuana cardholders can grow up to three marijuana plants for personal use. Cities have taken different approaches to sell medical marijuana. Yankton will permit two medical cannabis dispensaries.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 12/05/2021 17:50:00

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